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Originally Posted by tga View Post
Cool stuff. I have to say, I have not heard Black Dehilia Murder and I liked what I heard. Paticularly liked Parkway Drive.

See, those Black Metal videos, they just make me laugh. What cracks me up the most is that the fans think that the dudes look so hard and tough and if you don't like "true" black metal, you're a "fag". However, most of them wear make up and do stage theartrics. What's more camp than that!?
I can't say i'm a Black Metal fan, it's all a little silly to me (plus the music does nothing for me). I do love my Speed / Thrash / Death Metal though and i would seriously recommend Black Dalia Murder... Unhallowed (their first LP) is their best IMO. And it comes with a deliously evil spoken word intro and outro from the guide "Butchering The Human Carcass For Human Consumption". You can read it for yourself here.

Parkway Drive are a mad band, if you like the first 2 As I Lay Dying albums or early Unearth then they are well worth checking out. I'm off to see them live for the first time in early December and i'm predicting at least one broken rib. I got fucking hammered when i saw Lamb Of God and Killswitch Engage.
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