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Originally Posted by tga View Post
Never got into Mudvayne so I have no opinion on them.

I saw Dillinger Escape Plan open up for SOAD and I fucking hated them. No core involved, just shit!

Wiki article - couldn't it just be put simply - Progressive Metal?
I liked Dillinger's Calulating Infinity and a few tracks on the Miss Machine album and i was a rather huge fan of Mudvayne's LD.50.. but that was back in the day of Drowning Pool and Sevendust when metal was stagnet and only shit was being released. Then (IMO) Killswitch Engage came along and everyone copied, hence the birth of the Cores.

As i said before, i'd be happy going back to Black Metal, Death Metal, Metal and Hard Rock. All these different cores are retarded and gay.. especially since most of them are the same music. For example;

Death metal with growl vocals = deathcore
Death metal with screechy vocals = grindcore
Death metal with combo growl/screechy vocals = melodic death metal

It's all dumb.
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