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I LOVE OPETH - love your avatar!

I can't get enough them - I saw them again last month and they were unreal. Can't wait to watch Lamentations on my new home theatre setup - still yet to get the Roundhouse Tapes DVD, I've got the CD and it's fantastic.

I don't think any of my friends would be into them because of the growling but they compliment it so well with their quiet passages that I enjoy both elements (the light and dark) to an insane degree.

Starting to get into Meshuggah more and more but some of their stuff, while techically mind baffling, is just too hard to enjoy. There's no easy groove to slot into which makes it hard for me to get what other music gives me (if that makes any sense). ObZen in incredible though.

Novembre, Mercenary, Mastadon, Killswitch, etc... really diggin them too.
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