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So I posted this on show 708 when Keith talked about controlling his dreams and raping and pillaging. Sorry for the repeat, but it's my one KATG dream:

Like Keith, I've often had the ability to recognize my dreams while they are happening. In the middle of a nightmare, I can either decide I'm sick of it and tell myself to wake up, or neutralize the threatening part. One in particular - I dreamed that I was a slave being executed on a plantation. After the axeman chopped off my head, I picked it up and threw it at him.

But for some reason, I've never had this kind of control over sex dreams. In fact, never in my life have I had an enjoyable, non-interrupted sex dream. No matter how good they start, they always end up with someone walking in on us, or me frantically running through rooms searching for secluded place. Whenever I become self-aware in a sex dream, I merely wake up, or the dream changes completely.

Well last night, after listening to the show several times during the day, I actually had a dream that found me alone with my wife in a dark and private living room. I became self-aware and thought "hey, now's the time to try out Keith's advice!"

Problem was, my dream-self couldn't think of any thing to command my wife to do - I didn't want this to be a rape dream, just a nice sex dream. Instead, Keith's voice comes out of my mouth saying, as he did to Meme-cherry: "Eat my asshole!"

Well, instead of a dream rim-job, several fingers were jammed up my ass. It hurt like hell, and then my parents busted in on us. At this point, I'm trying to pretend that we're just sleeping, while still trying to block out the pain - and now I'm starting to lose control over my self-awareness. I'm wondering if this is really happening, and then I'm freaking out because not only does my butt hurt, but I just yelled "eat my asshole" to my sweet wife - oh, and my parents are watching.

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