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Originally Posted by jorjo View Post
Ahaha I had a dream involving you James.

It was at the April stand-up in New York there was a raffle and you won one of the prizes (which were all donated by fans). The prize was a blow-job from me!! Which, btw, had been donated by Kale!! (Ill be having words with him later). Anyways I was like No way, I have a bf and then the following convo took place:

Keith: What day is it?
Me: Wednesday
Keith: And what is James wearing?
Me: A KaTG shirt that I brought for him!!
Keith: And what do the KaTG ladies do for the men wearing KaTG shirts on a Wednesday?
Me: Its Suck a Dick Wednesday. But there are LOTS of guys here wearing KaTG shirts. I dont think I have that much saliva!!!

I think I woke up then. Never even asked you if you wanted the BJ. /Shrug.

p.s. Remind me to buy you a shirt in April
What an excellent dream!
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