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Originally Posted by Head1ess Gunner View Post
Yeah- I do understand the idea. It's alright. I appreciate that the game is finite. I usually love games with a definite ending, but this seems like such a deep game that it's selling itself short by capping the character development early on (by early, I mean 50 hours in). The issue isn't that I need a stronger character- I turned the game up to very hard pretty early on. But they could draw out the process so that it takes much longer to max out.

The problem I have now is that the game gets you hooked on the XP system, then they cut you off. Level 20 is fine, just let me work my ass off to get there.

I'm rambling, but do you see my point?
The problem with making the intervals between leveling up longer is alot of people who want to only play through the main quest aren't going to experience very many of the unique Perks, which are pretty integral to a character. As you can tell from the VASTLY improved main quest (compared to Oblivion), making Fallout functional as a linear, average-length shooter experience was a priority of Bethesda's.
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