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Originally Posted by bwhite View Post
Is Oblivion for ps3 worth picking up, I am half way done with Resistance Fall of man (good shit)
Oblivion is a great choice. Its cheap, and has tons of game play (easily up to 300+ hours)

Be warned the weapon combat is kind of cheesy looking and the main story is lame. It is very much a hate it or love it game.

It makes up for it with an engrossing sense of adventure and amazing side quests.

The world is huge and the even larger with the expansion pack "Shivering Ilse's" It feels a lot like your roaming the lands of middle earth (lord of the rings).

If that theme/setting does not appeal to you just fork up the extra cash (or rent) Fallout3 and enjoy. They are the same game developer and are very similar game play experiences.

Just make sure you play both of these games like its an rpg, it may look like a hack and slash/run and gun but typically that style will be very very hard to play.
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