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Originally Posted by madeyeshawn View Post
Im actually considering doing something I have not done in maybe 7 years: buy a strategy guide.

I want to beat FO 3 without a strategy guide, then use the strategy guide to find every nook and cranny that exists.

By the time im done it will be Xmas and I can use Xmas money to buy GOW2.

I plan on keeping games like COD:WoW, Mirrors Edge, Left 4 Dead, and Dead space as rentals.

Maybe keep my eye out for a bargain buy Fable 2 one day.

So many games, but only so much time and so little money to buy them.

These games are so awesome it has destroyed my desire for any 200 dollar music bundles. Fuck plastic toys, its fun but would rather play all these other games instead.
Why don't you save some money and just download a walkthrough from somewhere like GameFAQs.
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