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Everyone agrees, Mirror's Edge is gonna be sweet. The gameplay will get repetitive with jumping over shit time after time, but can be revived in the order that you do it. There is no one way around an object in the game. Variation of movement keeps me playing the 3-minute demo online...

I recently bought Tom Clancy's End War, but it took a backseat to Gears 2 (don't buy it if you are frustrated by questions left unanswered) this weekend. I got it out and strted playing it. The gameplay is kinda complicated from the standpoint that the camera only surrounds the one unit. Other than that, it's pretty amazing how voice-control can be a major factor in the game. The communication is really well thought out and it's so smooth in recognizing the actions. Great game for MMO players online as the battles can go on for literal days.

Now on the CoD: World at War. Bought it yesterday from Best Buy after cancelled my order for the third time. Gonna start playin Co-op campaign with my friend online. Good gam so far...

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