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Originally Posted by serial_x View Post
I've never been a CoF fan. Dani Filth annoys me, every since i saw him in Cradle of Fear i haven't been willing to pay any attention to him.

What is up with Alice Cooper's new video? I saw it lastnight and i felt like i was going nuts, it's more like a mini sampler of his new album with 3 or 4 songs chopped up and mashed into 1 ten minute video.

Cradle of Fear is truly horrendous - I try to forget about that though I have thought about buying the DVD so I can say that i have the worst movie ever made on DVD other than Showgirls - which - I could go in the merits of how that movie is so amazingly bad that it's good......another conversation for another time.

Alice Cooper - yeah, it looks like some sort of sampler. Not that great but Slash is as awesome as ever.
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