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Originally Posted by serial_x View Post
Ok, so my question is this;

I have enough money on my iTunes account to get one cd, is the new Cradle of Filth album worth it? I'm not a CoF fan but their new song is really growing on me.

I listened to all the black metal suggestions and i don't think black metal is my "cup of tea"... so to speak. Apparently CoF aren't black metal though which is news to me.
I would say it was but I think I might be biased cause I am a fan. In regards to them being "Black Metal" well, I am not sure that they are anymore. The previews of the songs are there and you will hopefully can get a feel of the songs from that and the vibe and all that but I think if you want "true" Black Metal - COF isn't probably the way forward.

I am seeing COF on Monday night and I can't fucking wait - sorry, I needed to say it! :-)
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