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Originally Posted by andsoitgoes View Post
Prince of Persia, forgetting any of the prior games - I was never a huge fan, didn't invest enough time (I know, I know) is the first game that takes a LOT of the good of Assassin's Creed and makes it different, better and more fluid - and SO BEAUTIFUL.

And as much as the Prince grates on me, some of his banter with Elika is awesome. There's a whole section to where he plays a "guess what I'm looking at game" with her and is just very flippant, it works so well even though it doesn't fit, and it makes you like HER character that much more because of how she "insults" him, and how much fun it is snickering at her because she so often bites.

And the relationship of the two characters, the unspoken support (you jump onto vines, the prince reaches back and grabs onto her hand, pulling her onto his back while he climbs up) - it all makes the flaws (of which there are a few) seem insignificant.

I was up until 3am playing, having to get up early today and I can't wait to get home to play again. I really can't.

It's good times. I'm glad I got it.
Nice post. It's probably a good companion to Fallout 3/Left 4 Dead's bleakness.
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