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In freshman year i Beat up a physically disabled kid.

He was an asshole the whole semester, I tolerated and ignored his shit for as much as I could.

Then one bad day he went to far and I said "One day someone will make you pay for your shit talking" He stood up and got in my face. I stood up, he raise his good hand back to punch. I ducked the punch pinned him down on the desk with one arm and punched him 5 or 6 times square in the face.

Half the school called me a hero half the school thought I was a piece of shit. His older sister cruised around town with her thug friends looking for me. Safe to say I played alot of video games that year. Fuck the both of them.

To be honest I think he owes me a sincere thank you, cause im just a wussy video game nerd who had the balls to teach him a lesson he would survive with little injury.

I also used to sell marijuana to my sister when she was in 7th grade...Opps.

She got busted. My dad then looked me eye to eye man to man and said with actor like conviction "Find the scum bag selling marijuana to my daughter and kick his ass"

I said "Ok"
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