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Originally Posted by Rock 'n' Rye View Post
Just listening to Episode 854: Hit 'Em! and keith is saying that every single song is about fucking. Anyone know any metal songs about normal sex? On the border between hard rock and heavy metal stuff doesn't count.
So NiN's Closer is out?

The Black Dahlia Murder have a song called Deathmask Divine, it's about a man's love for a woman's corpse... i guess that's out too.

A quick google search for "metal songs about sex" found these;

Poison The Well:
- Apathy Is A Cold Body
- Botchla
- Horns And Tails
- Meeting Again For The First Time
- Pieces Of You In Me

- Her Portrait In Black
- Ex's And Oh's
- Lip Gloss And Black
- Our Sick Story
- Right Side Of The Bed

I'm sure Bullet For My Valentine have some as well.

EDIT: How about this. It's an awesome song none the less.

Strapping Young Lad - Love?

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