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So you're saying that unless you can fully commit hours and hours and hours and days to a game, you're not allowed to play?

A lot of the people who play do little else than WoW - It's OPENLY life-sucking and in order to really be GREAT at it, you have to spend a whole assload of time on it.

Sure he took the wrong attitude with the "I like real life more than simulated" but the rest of his point is correct.

It's like when I first started playing Gears online. I was a complete noob and knew nothing, had no idea what to do. I got trashed in the game unnecessarily so. It's that kind of elitist attitude that is an embarassment to those that play the game.

If you're going to be awesome at the game, realize there will be others who aren't, and scale down to accept that. Otherwise you're as self-righteous as the other side of the coin.
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