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The problem is, the people he's speaking about EXPECT you to be awesome and berate you for not knowing what to do.

I highly doubt he was an ass. But maybe he was. From experience, I can tell you that even if you come from a good place, hell - sometimes even more so, that a lot of the people who are very skilled will be the same "nerds" that Keith has complained about. They think they're smarter, cooler and more elite. Fact.

Originally Posted by Astigos View Post
They have the right to be pissed off when your shitty gameplay is directly affecting their own. It's the same reason why the nerds and fat kids always got picked last in P.E.

Uh oh, the 500 pound firefighter can't rescue the children in time. Oh well, I guess it's not his fault that he doesn't hit the gym and fix himself because being under qualified is something we should all be OK with.

HUH? You just compared video gaming to saving a human life?

Salvia really fucked with your brain, didn't it?

It's a fucking video game. If you play it, expect to play with n00bs. When you start ANY career, you have to start at a very low, unskilled level.

You're saying that if you play something in a casual sense, don't play at all and expect to be picked on because you're not teh awesomest.

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