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Originally Posted by andsoitgoes View Post
Yeah - I'd like to adjust.

If you're someone who is willing to learn, and WANTS to learn but hasn't the foggiest clue of what they're doing, they deserve to be given a break. They're trying. Fuck you if you're being an asshole.

Then there are the people, like those I play horde mode with sometimes in Gears 2, that deserve to have their faces hosed into a dirty scottish toilet. They don't try, they just make the experience completely stupid for people because they are directly subverting the potential enjoyment of anything happening within the game.

Those people suck ass, and should justly be berated.

Yeah, it depends on the context as to how noobs should be treated. I think it should be universal, though, that one doesn't use their self-described propensity for spending time in the real world to defend themselves, regardless of the context. It's a dumb point; it states plainly that one use of time is inherently worse than the other, and yet the person saying so is not only burning time with the worse choice, they won't even commit to the time to make the experience better for them and the people they play with. It's the same kind of thing as saying "It's just a game." Why the fuck don't they just turn the stupid shit off and go outside then?

Even if a noob is justified in their bashing of elitist nerds, pulling out the "real world" card is a fail in every situation.
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