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Woah. I never thought I'd spark two pages of debate.

Okay for one, I'm a girl. For some this will be enough of an answer.

Two, and I'm sure this has already been said for the most part, yes I play WoW for fun because it's a really good game. Do I really need any more of an answer? If you're going to play something, play the best. It's constantly evolving, extremely open and flexible and I can interact with strangers and friends when I want.

My friends introduced me to it almost 2 years ago, and now I have a 71. Yes I may be mediocre, yes I do suck like most. But the fact is I just play for fun. I appreciate those who take it super serious because I know I'll never get to their level. But I do find it funny when people who I don't know flip out at me because I'm not as addicted (for the lack of a better word). "OMG U SUX CUZ U RNT 80 YET!"
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