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H.U.A.R. - Stage 2

We are currently in H.U.A.R. Stage 1, the informing stage. And we have been doing a good job of spreading the word of the future robot uprising. However, we have been neglecting the future of H.U.A.R. Stage 2 is next, and we must be at least prepared to take action when the time arises. I have taken the initial steps of compiling a list of resources for all to take note of and prepare for what is inevitable.

Shelter - Where will you live when the robots destroy your home?

Commercial Shelters -

DIY Shelters -

Food/Water - What to eat when the robots destroy the deli.

Food -

Water -

Medical - What to use if a robot shoots fire out if it's mouth at you.

Medical Kits -

How to Survive - In book form, of course.

Survival Information -

Transportation - How to get around with robots on the loose.

Vehicles -

Vehicle Security -

Weapons - What to use to fight the robots.

Guns -

Shock Devices -

Tasers -

Magnets -

Protective Gear - Defensive countermeasures against potential robot weapons.

Geiger Counters -

Radiation Pills -

NBC Suits -

Please, for the sake of humans all over the world, post any other resources of information you have. We all need to be prepared for the robotic oppression.

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