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Originally Posted by fallingwindows View Post
This RA guy had been really pathetic over this friend of mine and then kept apologizing to me for it and making up silly reasons for why he had filled up her voice mail box in under a week (he even called me a few times to check on her when she didn't pick up).
So finally, I snapped and told him (over AIM) that I was going to kick him the next time I saw him. I've been repressing my anger for years so I was super pissed that somebody was able to earn my violence.
The other night, after a few vodka cranberries I decide to walk down the hall, knock on his door, reject his invitation inside, tell him I fucking hate him, go for a hug, and knee him in the balls.
I missed; but I didn't give up. I continued to kick him and scream about how stupid and naive he had been and how angry I was and how everybody felt bad for him for being so stupid. He hates when people challenge his intelligence. All this, in front of his boss who had come downstairs to do her laundry.
She wanted to kick me out of the dorms but realized that would be a bad decision.
I've got worse things planned but I'm only recently getting used to being angry again.
(Tonight I had a beak down and beat my friend up because he wouldn't look at my tits and then he told my roommate (major tension there) to tell me to stop flashing him. Fucking ass.
Hope this is worthy of this thread.
One of the best ways to get attention in a college dorm is to replace about 1/2 of someone's shampoo / conditioner (which ever has the stronger smell) with Nair (or a similar product).

Another lovely tatic is to hide an open container of tuna in another dorm room with a little note saying, "You found me !"
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