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Originally Posted by orion549 View Post
I don't use a lot, because my laptop is old and slow, and I have like 1/5 of the HDD is music files, so that doesn't make it go very good. I have another HDD but I need to get the USB case thing so I can use it as a secondary drive. Tho it's still a pain in the ass, and I really want to get a desktop again, thinking a Mac Mini, but I might stick with Windows so things network better. That or get a Mac and try and network with Linux? I dunno. Anyways, that's not the point of this thread. Currently I use:

Firefox (with Facebook toolbar, FoxyTunes, Twitbin, CoolIris, and occasionally FreeCorder and Sage plugins)
iTunes is open 100% of the time (it's the only program in startup, well, that I've set up anyways)
Last.FM AudioScrobbler
Process Explorer (used daily, since my PC sux.)

Though looking through my shit, I realized there's a lot of programs on my PC that I don't use anymore (like Trillian, which I stopped using for Pidgin, although I liked Digsby, so I might switch to that, gonna look into that.) so I'm off on a massive uninstall spree now...
You should switch to utorrent if your pc is as slow as you say. Azureus is bloated and slow.
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