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Originally Posted by Head1ess Gunner View Post
Ahhhhh.... well either do as standardman says and convert or get an iPhone. I've used both the iPhone and the iPod touch and I much prefer the iPhone (but I'm biased because I was an AT&T customer to start, and didn't have any hassle getting the iPhone).

I understand if you're stuck in a contract, but unlimited internet access aside, the iPhone still has a two major advantages over the 'touch:

External speaker

You'd be surprised (or maybe not) at how much the speaker turns your iPhone into a "pocket Mac"
Note, the camera is kinda crappy. Seriously apple, wtf?

Originally Posted by orion549 View Post
I'll look into utorrent, I'm not overly attached to Azureus. And as far as iTunes, I have an iPod, so I pretty well have to stick with that, and I get my podcasts from there too, although I don't have it running as much now, and will shut it down from time to time, didn't before because I would get so many podcasts that if I only updated once every couple of hours I would get backed up a ton. I've peared back my podcast subscriptions now tho...

The biggest problem is that I'm running an old laptop and stuff. Once I get the other hard drive casing I'm gonna pull off all my important stuff onto it and format this one. Should speed things up a bit.
Not tried it myself but give this a shot.

Lifehacker, I love you!
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