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Originally Posted by fallingwindows View Post
I also called my roommate/best friend a "fucking little cunt"-- and said that I wanted to move out-- to a friend of ours. Additionally, Itold him he valued his ego more than our friendship (along with some other things that beat him down) just so he'd get pissed and tell her. Now she's saying she's going to move into our neighbor's room.
Hopefully this means I get an extra large single with amazing windows! ^__^
. . .And I'm going to pee in her $70 perfume before she moves out. It'll smell better that way. Fucking skunk.

(I posted two pictures of me on that forum. Thanks for the help ^_^)
I'm strangely intrigued by you; although I think the drama that seems to be such a major part of your life would drive me crazy if we were friends.

I will look at your tits though.
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