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Well, I guess I should first state that I am using a Mac.

Wiretap Pro + iTunes
-Records anything coming from the computer.
-Single file.
-Problem is that with the trial version it records stuff at an outrageously huge rate.

Audio Hijack Pro + iTunes (This is got yesterday on the recommendation of balls, so I'm hoping to try it out sometime before Friday)
-Can record to AAC, MP3 or Lossless
-Scheduled Recordings
-Can split files on the fly (this I'm liking, as it's scary having a single file three hours or so long).
-Can record from an individual program (good for not having those "Zings!" interfere during the recording or whatnot).
-Then just using Audacity (this applies to the prior method as well) I'll edit out any significant gaps in the Aftershows, as well as putting the final song back on the show that sometimes gets cut off. Audacity will then encode it (96), and I then put the final file in iTunes, tag it with all the required information, add the KATG graphic, and then just make a torrent with Azureus, and if needs be, upload a copy of the show to some direct download site.

Edit: It would also be nice if anyone has any knowledge of anything appropriate so as to be able to reconnect to the feeds automatically. iTunes does a decent job, and it does reconnect, though something where you could get it reconnecting quickly and repeatedly would be good.

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