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ughh. I was 13 and in 8th grade on the way back from our classes trip to Washington D.C. We were playing truth or dare in the back of the bus and things were escalating.

It went from lick the overhed lightbulb
to suck on my finger
to kiss _____.

So I was dared to kiss this obnoxious kid, J---. And I did, but after the game was over he wanted to kiss again.

So we did.

And then we made out for god knows how long when the lights finally went out.

I didn't like him. He was an asshole. and I remeber he kept licking and biting my nose. weird.

The worst part was after. He last name is Polio so everyone in my homeroom craked jokes about my "case of polio" etc. etc.

Ughh I hate that story.
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