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Originally Posted by Astigos View Post
I don't understand how people can hop skip and jump through every game in the market. When I get a game, I stick with it for a good, long while.

I'm still on Wii Fit and loving it. I recommend it to anyone who has a Wii.
The problem is the amount of great games that come out and you also have to account for games that are short.

For example a game like fallout3 which is amazing but bleak and depressing. It easily has 300 hrs of gameplay that would not bore. But most people simply dont want to see the same bleak gore fest theme for that continuous amount of time.

So instead I have games for moods.
Rpg=Fallout3/Oblivion, Mass effect, or Bioshock (i treat it like an rpg at least)
When I need a quick jolt of excitement: Burnout Paradise or Geometry Wars
When I want a challenge: Braid, Mirrors Edge, or Call of Duty 4
Strategy: Civ Revolution
Casual fun: Castle Crashers, Banjo N&B, Uno with camera, and Viva Pinata
Casual Mayhem: Gta4, Halo3 Rocket Race

Thats what makes me so happy about this current generation of video games on the 360, The variety and quality that can be found on the 360 catologue can not be beat. The Wii may have the best Innovation, and the PS3 may have the best hardware but both platforms fall short in what matters most, Variety/Quality/Quantity of games.

If money was not a factor I would absolutely have a wii and ps3 and be rocking out Mario Galaxy, De Blob, Little Big Planet, and Metal Gear 4... but its a factor so I wont.

If you have a Wii and PS3 it is a good habit to enjoy 1 game for a long. It is near impossible to do as a 360 owner, for you will be missing out on the platforms best quality.
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