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Well, while I do dislike cops (mainly for petty traffic citations) You do have to realize you can't just lump them all into one catagory. There are alot of cops out there that do their job everyday and put their life on the line to make your life a little safer.

I can't see the video at work (GG firewall) but as far as resisting goes, any resisting is too much resisting. I know first hand (from working in a prison) that people seem to think "oh well theres 3 guys on him" that is excessive, 9 times out of 10 you take that third or second guy away and that dude is back up whipping someones ass, I've been in situations where it took 5 guys to subdue a very large and very unruly inmate.

All I can say is don't pass judgement before you know all the facts. Like I said though, I can't see the video till I get back home (6 and a half hours and counting)
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