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Originally Posted by pala View Post
Well, while I do dislike cops (mainly for petty traffic citations) You do have to realize you can't just lump them all into one catagory. There are alot of cops out there that do their job everyday and put their life on the line to make your life a little safer.
I stand by my comment. I know there are some officers that do a lot of good work, but because of the system in place I have no idea who I'm dealing with. Is it just some guy who passed a test or someone with that sense of serving and protecting. I don't know what ongoing testing or evaluations they get, but some people shouldn't be cops. That's where whatever the current system is fails.
The other thing that infuriates me is the "blue line". We all know it happens, cops will often protect other cops when they do something wrong. If I fuck up they'll take me in straightaway, but another cop they sometimes look the other way. That's where I get the us versus them attitude.

So I guess my problem is with the system for hiring and retaining officers. It's set up in a way that the public gets policed by people with a wide range of morals and motives for being in a position of authority.
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