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Andy Rooney is on 60 Minutes. Keith and Chemda are on Keith and The Girl. Where, evidently, "Keith and his girlfriend talk shit." I'm guessing 60 Minutes purports to have a little bit more journalistic intent. What's more, Rooney prepares his segments, while political topics on KATG frequently come up spontaneously.

I've been looking through this thread, Mr. DaveNJ, and you seem to have ignored my post in order to go pick on weaker arguments. Are we having a serious discussion, or a Push DaveNJ's Agenda silly time? You're continuing with your argument, despite the fact that I pointed out flagrant flaws in your reasoning. There's more you're adding the pile, but I don't see a point in continuing if you're just going to be a rigid robot that defeats what it can, and side-steps what it can't.
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