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Originally Posted by iheartnihilism View Post
I'm getting conflicting answers about this;
1) We're about to get cable
2) my bf's brother (who lives downstairs from us) just got some internet hookup for his wii
3) we currently steal internet but should be able to get a better signal due to #2 (?)

I've been told that getting the 100$ adapter to get on 360 Live is a bad idea because it lags. A lot. Is it worth it to add an extra bill and pay for internet? Someone also told me something about getting a wire that goes from the cable box straight into the 360 which would give me a perfect connection (without having to pay for internet?)???

I want a cheap method of getting on Live but if i have to deal with shitty lags all the time, I'd rather pay more. What's more cost effective is my question (i guess)
Well lag has a lot more to do with how far someone is from the router and how many walls they're going through. I know lots of people who use the Xbox 360 adapter and have no issues, I guess some do though. You also don't have to get the official on that Microsoft sells, you can other ones as long as they use a cat5 (ethernet) cable to connect rather than usb.

#3, well you might. If your bf's brother's router is closer than the one you steal from the connection will be better.

As for getting a cable that connects right to the 360, you'd have to be paying for internet. That would come from the router, whether it's yours or someone else's.

I have two 360's, one's wireless and the other is wired. It's definitely better to be wired but I've gamed off wireless connections on and off for years and as long as it's a decent connection you're straight.
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