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Originally Posted by Mikey View Post
damn.... remind me to bring a shit ton of used games when i visit the AU and NZ
Now if only they weren't PAL

Originally Posted by iheartnihilism View Post
I've been told that getting the 100$ adapter to get on 360 Live is a bad idea because it lags. A lot. Is it worth it to add an extra bill and pay for internet? Someone also told me something about getting a wire that goes from the cable box straight into the 360 which would give me a perfect connection (without having to pay for internet?)???
You'll have problems if the connection is being used heavily, or if they're doing ANY uploading. That's what kills the entire situation. If I'm torrenting and I have any uploads going, it causes my game to lag all over the place. Get a cheap, dedicated connection and if you play online, turn off torrents, or block the uploads to 25kbps and you'll be gold.

I have a buddy that, even wired, suffers the same problem due to a poor dedicated connection. So if you're sharing, it's going to be a problem unless the connection is A--M--A--ZING

Originally Posted by Mikey View Post
hmm, can you get wifi from him right now? if yes, ping it using this site and post your speed here.

here's my speed, going through one wall and having a few other devices sharing the connection.

ANYWAYS... point is, if you get good speed going through the floor, then you should be fine getting the $100 wireless thingy.
....... REally? HOly balls. Mikey, I expected your techguru self to have a better connection than that.

And sure you can play COD just fine, it's a different game than Gears with less player/movement textures. FPS games are always better in that respect.

Originally Posted by Vudell View Post

I wish my upload was better, but I don't know how it is effecting me

sometimes I'll be Hording and the game will disconnect and everyone's fun is ruined. fucking boo!
Upload speeds bugger things up because it bottlenecks the speed of data being sent from YOU. It's a pain, and you having a lot of stuff going on probably is the issue. It's better if you have over 500kb/s available. Wouldn't be a bad idea to turn everything off before playing. Scheduler + Utorrent = best thing ever.

As for my speed, although upload is balls - I think I rape with download

I'm paying a ton, but I haz no cap.

And on another note, Fallout 3 sucks. I'm sorry, but I have the same issues with it that I did with Oblivion. The characters, envrionments, movements, textures are all flat and boring. The fact that I can run into a bar and kill 5 patrons and have the rest of the people just wandering around going "doo doeodooo" is stupid.

It completely snubs the rest of the Fallout games. Bew.

Anyone want to buy it from me?? 360 version, BTW

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