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Originally Posted by andsoitgoes View Post
Upload speeds bugger things up because it bottlenecks the speed of data being sent from YOU. It's a pain, and you having a lot of stuff going on probably is the issue. It's better if you have over 500kb/s available. Wouldn't be a bad idea to turn everything off before playing. Scheduler + Utorrent = best thing ever.

It completely snubs the rest of the Fallout games. Bew.

Anyone want to buy it from me?? 360 version, BTW
I do close down connections before going to XBL, except my sister's computer, which is always on. It's going to be even worse soon because I am buying her a Roku (so she can GTFO of my xbox and I can begin serious playing. So then I will be trying to GoW horde while she is watching one of her 200+ instant queue moves DX

ALSO! i will totally take you up on your Fallout offer. It is on my list of games to buy/try.
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