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Originally Posted by andsoitgoes View Post
tis where you and I disagree. I just don't get it. It's flat, boring, bland and way too complex for its own good. I at least appreciate the complexity for people that enjoy that.

What I'd like to see argued is the character models and how flat the conversation/conversation animations are. Those are huge deal breakers for me. Every minute playing the game I kept thinking "I'd rather be playing anything else" and "Mass Effect was everything this game isn't"

I was never engaged, never interested - although it was better than the "Zoom into the face and completely take me out of this being a different world" conversation system of Oblivion - it wasn't by much.
Well, the human character models and animations are probably the weakest aspect of the game, but the VO is by and large of such quality that it never particularly bothered me. I stayed pretty immersed.

The plot development and the set pieces, however, are fantastic. And yes, the environment might initially have struck me as boring/bland, but then I got down into the muck and mire and started to realize just what an amazing level of detail Bethsoft put into making an authentic post-nuclear wasteland. I also absolutely love the 50s ambience running through the game world.
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