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I could not tolerate the first two Fallout games. I still have them and they're happily collecting dust. I never understood turn-based RPG games, so naturally, I appreciate the first-person perspective of Fallout 3 that much more. I'm heavily into post-apocalyptic topics, so naturally I find the game to pretty much nail it on the head. The expansive non-linear environment is also a plus for me; I hate to be forced to be confined into tight area because the games programmers didn't want me to explore (a la "there's a small fence blocking this path to this other part of the world I can clearly see"). Yes, it's big and yes, walking long distances for long periods of time can be tedious, but let's be honest, if the world above yours was wiped out from a nuclear holocaust, do you really think the most convenient buildings and areas would be within a stones throw of each other? I like seeing a partially destroyed building far in the hazy horizon and then do a 180 and see the building I just walked from.

Yes, the animations are a little clunky sometimes, but this is a minor nitpick in a game of so many other pros. Deus Ex had terrible character animation, even for its time, and it remains as one of my favorite games of all time.
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