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Originally Posted by Vudell View Post
nevar! <~HORDE~3
mm... horde. I have a friend, the fucker, who is in the top 10 of Horde on Pavillion. I hate him. So much. I just never have ENOUGH time to devote to a long enough session. But that's the one mode where lag usually is never an issue as long as a person with a good connection hosts ^_^

Have you gotten your full Horde achievement? It wasn't until that point that my testicles dropped ^_^


As for Fallout and walking - if you're going to make an expansive, IMMERSIVE world - then why allow for "quick travel" from one location to another

It removes that whole idea behind it. And I highly, HIGHLY doubt that people are just wandering all over the place.

Okay, more things then...
  • Why when I'm looking anywhere at something that COULD be taken, when it's thieveable do I immediately get random people chastising me for looking at a cup on the table.
  • WHY is there no reaction to serious events that occur around these people, except for maybe a one-off situation?
  • There is NO emotion shown on the faces of the enemies you fight, it's either on or off, and there's a serious lack of emotion shown on the faces of most NPCs
  • I understand bleak and deserted wasteland. But look at bioshock, THAT is how to do destroyed 50's era. I know that the size of Fallout is far lower than Bioshock and that the world is "destroyed" but fer fucks sake, Mad Max looks like a Looney Tune cartoon in comparison. The only color I see is when I try to pick up something that I'd steal, or the odd spurts of blood from someone's head.
  • And I'm sorry, the character models make up a HUGE portion of immersion in the world. It's why I don't think I can get into Uncharted. I'd PREFER text based over this "milquetoast" world.
  • BUT REALLY, why can I steal a cup? Or a saucer? WHY?? If you go on about how it adds realisim, please see all previous points that remove any sense of realism from the game.

I understand I'm in the minority, but jebus if you don't at least ACKNOWLEDGE that there are serious flaws that would detract a non-Oblivion style lover from the game, then... oy!
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