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Originally Posted by unrealrob View Post
Mass Effect had its problems too. But it was so much more atmospheric and fluid than Fallout 3 could ever possibly be, regardless of how many expansions it comes up with.
I don't think its fair to compare mass effect and Fallout3. One games strength's are another games weakness's. You cant deny that fallout 3 kicks mass effects ass when it comes to re-playability, exploration, and what I call the "consenquence-engine" (being good-nuetral-bad).

I loved mass effect but I have already played more Fallout3 with only one character and only half the main story completed (60 hours). Than I have with mass effect two full play-throughs second time on a hard difficulty and in that second time the side missions were an unbearable SHIT chore, being the opposite attitude made ZERO difference to the story game-play and ending.

If you want to compare 12 hours of one time only 1 week game rentals of mass effect and fallout3 mass effect wins. You want to compare a 60 dollar game purchase that will constantly suck you back into a world of options with well over 300 hrs of unique game play. Then Fallout 3 WOOPS mass effects stereotypical scifi 10 hr movie ass. I will give credit to mass effect being the first game ever to make me look forward to conversations/dialogue but I wont play it ever again for its mediocre gameplay, and yet I will still be playing Oblivion (still have not beaten the main quest 160 hrs of gameplay) and fallout3 for years to come.

If only bioware and bethesda could get married and make a game, then in 2015 we would have the greatest rpg ever made. meanwhile FF13 will still have 3 guys in a line waiting for their turn to begin.

and to all who are mad that your nostalgic love was ignored in FO3, I dont really know what to say. I played FO2 so long ago I dont remember anything more than becoming addicted to drugs, and shooting worms in octagons. Im glad that bethesda stuck with what they are good at and made a game that will give me tons and tons of fun game play (imperfect yes but endlessly fun all the same)
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