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Originally Posted by madeyeshawn View Post
I don't think its fair to compare mass effect and Fallout3.

You cant deny that fallout 3 kicks mass effects ass when it comes to re-playability, exploration, and what I call the "consenquence-engine" (being good-nuetral-bad).
I think it's perfectly fine. I don't get paid to review games, so I can say whatever I want about them and relate one to another in any way I see fit.

And yes I can very much deny the second part of that quotation there. I think this is where the whole point of subjectivity in gaming comes around, as standardman has talked about before.

I am more interested by Mass Effect... simple as that. I wouldn't care if Fallout 3 had 700 hours of gameplay, if I found it to be dry and boring - which I already do, so its supposed 300+ hours of gameplay doesn't really hook me. I finished the main storyline and a good deal of the side quests at just over 130 hours. I didn't finish quests like the Nuka Cola one because I got bored.

I'm sorry our ideas of what makes the perfect game aren't the same. But man, if I'm getting bored BEFORE I've completed the meat of the game... there's a problem there somewhere. To stir up the shit even more.. although Fallout 3 is a greater accomplishment on almost every level, I still liked Oblivion better. I spent more time with it, skipped more classes because of it, and enjoyed the world more (even though I hate that whole fantasy genre). As for Fallout, I'm done with it and will likely never play it again. As for Mass Effect, I played it through a few times and loved it every time. I guess that makes me one of the cRaZieeeEEEsssSSS?!?!

Go Canada!
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