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+1 for Anti Fallout

No, just anti-Fallout 3...

I also realized I heard nothing of Ron Perlman's voice over outside of the start! Sigh. Maybe there wasn't loads more in the earlier Fallout games, but I tend to remember more. And hell, it had Keith David TOO! (god, I loved him in ME)

Anyway - I think your dislike and mine are slightly different. For me, it's not JUST the issues you've brought up, but the removal of immersion that Oblivion (I almost said "the first one" which really is about on par with my thoughts...) had.

ANYWAY. It's simple, I wasn't into Oblivion, I'm not into Fallout and I know at this point I'll never be into a Bethesda game, ever. Just like I know GTA games just aren't my bag. I have no doubt, which makes future game purchases that much easier

Onto ME btw, I have blown an easy 60 hours in the game and it never loses its appeal. I know in comparison it's simple, but just the scenery, the music, the EXTRA high quality VO work that's there... EVERYTHING is just teh awesome, in my mind. See, I can look over the flaws it has. Even on my 2nd or 3rd playthrough, although there was some dialogue I skipped, and even though some of the quests felt tedious (because I'd done them at least once before) I never disliked the entire experience.

I think that's the first time I've liked a game THAT much, outside of Final Fantasy 3 (US) and Super Metroid/Metroid Prime
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