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Good for you Grapist-correcting my grammer.
I am a mouthy little bastard and I will let all know it.

I wouldn't trust her because what trustworthy or self-respecting girl goes around flashing PUBLICALLY or basically selling themselves all over the place?
bragging when it makes them look easy and cheap-
HERE is REAL insecurity:
These girls out there who have to manipulate and twist guys sexually so that people can go-"ooh you're so sexy"and kiss their asses...
I am SICK of girls trying to manipulate guys like that-like we are stupid?
They're not hot-just common.
They have no respect for themselves OR their boyfriends OR other girls-and then people THINK girls SHOULD be like that?

Do you know how much I see that happen in school -real GREAT girls getting dumped by asshole guys for self-absorbed little girls who show themselves sexually in front of anybody and everybody?
It makes me sick and I'm a GUY.

I'd die if my sister did that-it's simply not something a trustworthy female does.

Girls like that are SO TYPICAL and a dime a dozen,
They do it to manipulate men.
I for one,am NOT going to be swayed by some girl flaunting her bits like a stripper.
And if you are a guy with a girl who is so forward sexually-SHE WILL DO IT WITH EVERY GUY-DON"T THINK YOU ARE EXCLUSIVE!!!!!!

Why not impress people with your wit or brains or personality instead?
-you'd want your girl to show herself/brag sexually to any old guy on the internet?
Those kind of girls don't deserve guys attention or respect.
Nuff said.
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