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Originally Posted by sexytrouble View Post
Real life 101,Baby. My dad is a PH.d though.
Come on,man-would you want your girl flaunting themselves to every guy on the internet?? It's disgusting!
Why should women do that?
I'm not talking about how they dress-I'm talking about regular
girls actually exposing themselves online and flaunting themselves all over to everyone.
Would you really want your girl to do that?
You see son, I'm secure enough to not care who she shows her tits to. Showing tits is not the same as fucking someone.

So what happened? Were you dating a nice girl who dumped you for an asshole, and when you tried for a "trashy" girl she wouldn't give you the time of day? Get over it. And don't come into my fucking thread and talk shit about my friends.
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