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Originally Posted by motownguy View Post
*stage whispers:


*glances furtively around and slips a five in your garter

ONLY FIVE?! I thought I was doing a good job Sorry, let me show you my gigantic knockers. Hope I don't poke an eye out.

Originally Posted by DrGary View Post
-not to play devil's advocate-I'm just a kid-
but I like to figure out both sides of every story-I think the guy thought there were girls showing themselves on a boob thread-but I don't see ANY exposed anything.

and there WERE some guys who were getting off on here -a thread that was innocent really-about girls trying to talk safely-perv-free about said boobs,which the guys really shouldn't be because it's not very nice to the girls just talking about bras-in defense of the girls.

but there always seems to be a pervert who really doesn't respect women,sadly
and who does objectify them everywhere you go...and I have seen too many girls sadly play into this objectification(not on this thread!)
I think it's really sad,actually-my Mom taught me to respect girls and NOT objectify them sexually!

I don't feel that girls should feel they have to show themselves sexually in the media,or to strangers online- that really DOES hurt a lot of women-AND it affects how many guys see women,sadly.

Like i have a friend who is a brilliant and sweet girl and she never exposes herself online but her boyfriend actually left her because he was obsessed with the girls that WERE exposeing themselves online and this poor girl was sexually active with the guy,loved the guy- he had a fight with her and left her and started to chase women who exposed themselves online-and I saw his "friends'lists was all girls that were sexual online-that I just don't get.
That's awful nice of you to sign up for the forums today and defend this guy

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