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Q-Dir is a terrific file manager/window explorer replacement. It's lightweight, multi-paned and feature rich.

Here I'm using to organise photos to upload to facebook and putting music on to my phone:

Much more info here.

I'm using it instead of Windows Explorer now.

Executor is a fast, light-weight app launcher with extra sexiness, from Lifehacker:


Free application Executor is an application launcher very similar in look and feel to Lifehacker reader's favorite application launcher, Launchy. In fact, after a bit of testing Executor might have just snagged Launchy's place as the app launcher of choice on my Windows machine. One of the major differences between the two is Executor's emphasis on keywords. Although it does text search for just about anything, Executor gives priority to user-assigned keywords for launching apps, documents, and folders. What's more, you can assign a keyboard shortcut to any keyword for quick launches without even invoking Executor. Keyword functionality aside, Executor is also very fast and lightweight, eating just over 10MB of RAM in Task Manager. But that's not all that makes it great.

You can browse your filesystem and even view your launching history and clipboard history. Like Launchy, Executor does web searches (e.g., wiki Lifehacker searches Wikipedia for Lifehacker), accepts quick calculations (e.g., #5+2), and supports many different skins. As an added bonus, it works seamlessly with the latest Windows Desktop Search in Vista and XP (just type find search terms to use it). Executor is wildly customizable, sporting an enormous set of preferences that any power user will be dying to tweak.

It's also chock-full of smart keyboard shortcuts and other hidden features worth reading through in the documentation page.
Compliments Rocketdock nicely.

Everything is ridiculously fast desktop search app with a tiny footprint and amazing filters (for NTFS file systems only - right click on your drive and click 'properties' to check). SO FAST, YOU MUST TRY IT!

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