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Originally Posted by shep0081 View Post
Ok, this Chris is pro-child molester thing has to stop. Just because you want him to be unreasonably liberal does not mean he is. His point, if you listened, was that everyone is innocent until proven guilty and that gun toting justice is bullshit. You can't just kill people whenever you want, no matter what they do - people will live in fear and history proves that societies in which people live in fear do not work. People become violent and destructive themselves. The death penalty is effective but the key is to use it sparingly.

If anything was retarded, it is that you make Keith the bastion for your own beliefs and make Chris the enemy as the token liberal. Keith and Chris are very good friends who meet in the middle on most things. Chris was trying not to get into a debate about it because, simply, it wasn't that funny to us. We're new parents who were confronted with thinking about child molesters for the first time as parents. Cut us some slack.

So stop it.

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