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Originally Posted by BrownEyedBtch View Post
One thing I thought was interesting about this episode was about Chemda contradicting herself, saying she doesn't understand how people in rural areas grew up because she grew up in a New York lifestyle. Yet not five minutes later, she articulates quite well how Keith grew up in a rural setting, and seemed to have a good understanding of that. To me, it seemed like just because she didn't understand Lori's upbringing doesn't necessarily mean she doesn't understand it at all, because she can tell you more about Keith's upbringing than he can.
Good ear! That bitch so played herself! Oh, she says she can't appreciate the scenic, empty country, but then she turns around and says how she's heard about and even been to the country herself! Well which is it, honey?!

Oh, now you don't have a clever quip. How interesting...
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