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My 360 finally shit out on me for good.

I bought it used back in early 2006, so it was an old, old, old model. It had been through the RROD warranty repair, and as of late, the disk drive hadn't even been opening. Finally, a few days ago... (sob) it stopped reading disks altogether.

We had some good times- I remember we used to stay up till dawn shooting people, aliens, animals, fictional monsters, mutants, cars, zombies, spaceships, even portals.

I opened it up, but I'm just not equipped to replace the drive and flash the firmware. If anyone's looking to buy a 360 for parts, let me know.


Anyway, I got a new one. An sexy young arcade model with HDMI that I can attach all my upgrade parts to. (leer face)

6'0" 180 lbs.
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