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Originally Posted by Uncast View Post
Um logic fail? Who said anything about pissing in mouths?

No the point was to find out if brushing her teeth over a sink where someone pissed is disgusting but wrapping her lips around the implement with which one pees is just fine. Not WHILE he's pissing. Silly. I feel sad inside that I had to explain it.
Like I mentioned in the other thread, what about male ejaculate? Shantastic, are you one of those girls that makes a guy tap your shoulder before he comes so you don't get any in your mouth? Or, are you a real woman and swallow every drop?

I really don't see how anyone could suggest piss is worse than semen. Semen is one of the few bodily fluids that can transfer disease.

PS - During my undergrad years when I lived in the dorms (coed dorms as well Motownguy) I had a really shitty roommate who, well...smelled like shit most of the time. So I dragged my bed into the study lounge where my girlfriend and I slept for a few good weeks before the cleaning ladies ratted me out to the Resident Director. But I used the sink in the lounge as my own urinal every day. It was so convenient and I didn't have to put on shoes to avoid the nasty floors of the communal bathroom.

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