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Originally Posted by Vudell View Post
So, I've read up a bit (I really shouldn't have jumped into this with very little knowledge on RPG's in general) and am much better with my trades/finds/points/everythings. yey! So far, thumbs up to Fallout 3
I been playing fallout3 a lot lately, and im so very very in love with this game. Im still doing a lot of side quests. I found the place for the DLC Alaska mission but have not started it.

Far Cry 2....Sucks (unrealrob was spot on) and I was able to sell it on playswitch for the exact price I paid

Some real life friends are starting a WaW team and hence why i finally decided to get it. I only paid 43 playswitch bucks for it, which seems to me like a good price for such a new game.

I also might pick up some new Arcade games today like R-Type Dimensions and Kingdom for Keflings.
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