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Originally Posted by rhesusattack View Post
The fact that Peter Molyneux, after years of working on this game, couldn't be bothered to iron out shitty bugs like collision detection with the dog or to create more than five different villagers for you to interact with in the game kind of annoys me.

Still, it can be entertaining.
My gf has played about 5 hrs of Fable 2 and her opinion is it should be better.

She commented on the shitty menu system and map. Co-Op is difficult to play, and is obviously a last ditch effort addition.

Im still playing alot of FO3, and will probably do one quick playthrough of fable 2 and sell it off when im down. Does not seem like a game that needs to be kept in my library for multiple play throughs.

Should also be recieving WaW this week. If you see me on playing hit me up to party up for any game modes including co-op
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