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Originally Posted by Andrea's toothbrush View Post
Single dudes and dudettes, avoid "ghetto" single parents and avoid "Octopussy". An Octopussy is a single mother with more than one child by more than one baby-daddy. The term was inspired by the octo-mom and was created on KATG 899 and the official definition above, was written by me. This term should be entered into the urban lexicon (And I know octo means "eight" but the it is an exaggeration like a woman calling a grabby date "octopus hands".)
No need to make up a new term....A woman with multiple can'tdoright fathers to her children is known as Triflin'.

Notice the can'tdoright fathers are a factor as much as she is. A single woman w/ multiple fathers to her children isn't instantly an "Octopusssy" or anything else.

If that's the case my mom who has 2 kids by 2 husbands would be one. And the lord smiled the day my parents got divorced I'm sure of it.

My grandmother would be one as well since my paternal grandfather died and she remarried and had another child.

Also feel free to apply Triflin' to a guy who has multiple children by multiple women and can't seem to do anything of merit for any of his kids. Or call him an Octopeen.

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