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Originally Posted by spooky View Post
So, Negro is considered derogatory. Black is okay again.

When are we tearing down the openly racist institution, The United Negro College Fund? /sigh

While I am perfectly happy to have words come and go, the English language is an organic beast, I think it is ridiculous that we base it on style, fads, things that change year to year, or season to season, and then hold people accountable for, even judge them by their use.

Black, it sounds like, is okay again, in 2006 I was told in public that it was racist. African American as it is used in America(to describe Blacks that are native born in America and those from Africa), I believe we all agree is an attempt to popularize blatant ignorance, I couldn't tell you if it was Blacks or ultra liberal (guilty) Whites that introduced the term endearingly, or possibly rednecks looking to just make people look stupid.

I assume at some point, Black will be a slur again.

Can't we just adopt an actual African word for the race distinction? One that perhaps will not make you racist for using it one year, and racist for not using it the next, assuming you aren't plugged into MTV 24/7?

Does anyone think this quarterly update of how we refer to 12% of all of us Americans actually helps race relations? Or does it make them worse?

For the record(or your judgment), I am white and grew up in a military town in Texas where roughly 30% of the population was Black.
In 2006 who told you it was racist? Did everyone else seem to not have a problem except for this one person?
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